See me rollin’…

It has been a great year at Legacy Turf Farms, and we want to thank you for your business.

Legacy Turf Farms is bringing in the new Autostack Roll Harvester, called the Firefly R300 Automatix.  We are excited about what this new machine means for our business. The new harvester will produce mini-rolls, which most of you are already familiar with.  This should help our farm be more flexible in producing sod, and benefit your business as well.  

Legacy Turf Farms is continuously seeking to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  We are committed to a long-lasting farm production, and it is important to us to reinvest in this business.

As of January 27, we are only selling bermuda grass in mini-rolls.  Our farm will still do slabs of our zoysia grasses. 

I hope you with roll with us! Our farm is growing, and we are investing in continuous improvements. Having a new machine on the property means a reinvestment in the sod farm business. And this will benefit you, our customer.