Empire Zoysia

Medium - Wide Blade, Shade & Drought Tolerant, Needs 5 - 6 Hours of Sun

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April - October

Empire Zoysia grass is a warm season grass that produces a much denser turf than Bermuda.  Its dense turf is naturally more weed resistant and more drought-resistant than many other grass types.  Empire Zoysia combines soft-to-the-touch feel with lush green color and fine, tight-blade growth.  Homeowners and property managers also appreciate its many maintenance, environmental, and cost saving advantages.

Key Characteristics

Best Use

Home yards with 5-6 or more hours for daily sun, golf courses, parks, and commercial landscaping.

Mowing Height

1-2 inches

Blade Width

Medium - wide

Wear Tolerance

Very Good

Injury Recovery

Very Good

Shade Tolerance


Drought Tolerance

Very Good
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Square Footage


Do you need help calculating how much sod you'll need for your yard? The link below is a tool to help calculate the square feet of sod you need for your project. One pallet of sod will cover 500 square feet; once you know your measurements you'll be able to accurately calculate your sod needs.
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Homeowner's Maintenance Guide

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Pro Guide

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Guideline Specifications

This document outlines the specifications for subsoil preparation, topsoil material & application, fertilizer pH correction, and transplanting, installing, and maintaining Empire Turf.
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What Our Customers Say

The Empire Zoysia is the Best Zoysia that I've seen or installed yet. It definitely has the 'wow' factor.

Hutcheson Horticulture

The Empire Zoysia that Legacy Farms has is great, it grows fast, takes less water, does well in shade, and is absolutely beautiful.

Wiginton Landscape

Legacy Farms service and sod are wonderful. I purchased their Empire Zoysia for my shaded backyard and it is doing great.


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