Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass

The Premier Sod Grass for Golf Courses and Lawns

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Enhance Your Lawn or Golf Course with Tahoma 31!

Enhance your lawn or golf course with Tahoma 31! By investing in this premiere Bermudagrass, you're investing in a sustainable, vibrant future for your landscape. This grass was developed at Oklahoma State University.

  • Developed by Dr. Yanqi Wu at Okalahoma State University

  • Over a decade of research & development

  • Blend of species in The Himalayas in China & South Africa


Drought Resistant

Tahoma 31’s deep-root system reaches further into the earth, drawing moisture even in arid conditions. This resilience ensures a lush, green surface that not only survives but thrives, reducing the need for frequent watering and maintaining its allure even under the scorching sun.

Up to


Less Water Usage than Competitors*

  • * Tahoma 31 showed superior drought resistance over four standard cultivars tested, and averaged 18% less water use than TifTuf

  • “It’s going to produce a great lawn with lower water use rates and higher water use efficiency.” - Dr. Dennis Martin, OSU

Lower Water Consumption

This grass significantly reduces water consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice in landscaping. Its low Evapotranspiration rates ensure lush lawns and golf courses with minimal water usage.




  • Ranked lowest in Evapotranspiration rates in comparative studies
  • Among all 11 bermudagrass entries, Tahoma 31 was a top group performer under rainout shelter in three of four locations.

Comparing evapotranspiration rates, Tahoma 31 fared best while TifTuf used the most water. Overall, Tahoma 31 used 18% less water than TifTuf




in Turf Quality *

Thrives In Shade

Tahoma 31 doesn’t just survive but flourishes in shaded areas, defying the need for full sunlight. Its adaptability to varied light conditions makes it a versatile choice for diverse landscapes.

  • * Rated #1 in turf quality among Bermudagrasses in up to 63% shade

  • Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass ranked #1 of all 35 entries for overall turfgrass quality across 19 locations

Cold Weather Resilience

 Tahoma 31 demonstrates exceptional resilience in the face of cold weather. Where other grasses wither, Tahoma 31 stays strong and maintains its verdant appearance, making it an ideal choice for areas with harsh winters.


Lowest Winter Kill Rate Among Tested Bermudagrasses

  • Tahoma 31 was the best-performing genotype with the lowest LT50 value of −9.1 °C
  • Tahoma 31 was the Top Performer at Greens Height compared to 2 standard bermudagrass greens varieties
By the end of the NTEP study, Tahoma 31 was rated #1 by far with the greatest winter survivability in the three-year study period.

Highly Adaptable

Tahoma 31 withstands cooler temperatures with remarkable resilience, maintaining its vibrant green hue throughout the seasons. Its ability to adapt to varying climatic conditions makes it a versatile choice for diverse geographic locations such as Temperate zones. 

Ranked In Top


Of All Varieties*

  • * In testing across 19 locations Tahoma 31 ranked in the top 25% of all varieties an incredible 78.5% of the time.

  • Tahoma 31 rated with the lowest winterkill rates of all Bermudagrasses tested in NTEP. (Only 4% winterkill rate)

Exceptional Resilience in High Foot Traffic Areas

Stands Up To High Traffic

Designed to endure, Tahoma 31 is the ultimate solution for high-traffic areas. Whether it's a bustling golf course or a lively backyard, this wear-tolerant grass withstands the pressure, preserving its integrity and beauty.

  • Tahoma 31 had an establishment rate quicker than other bermudagrasses including TifTuf and Tifway - National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP)

Lower Mow Heights

Requiring less frequent mowing and thriving at various heights, Tahoma 31 is a low-maintenance wonder. Its adaptability to different mowing practices means less work and more enjoyment for you.


Cut as Low as


Mow Height

  • Tahoma 31 had a lower vertical growth rate than all of the industry standards tested
  • Tahoma 31 demonstrated that it can tolerate low mowing heights and is suitable, under certain maintenance practices, for use on public or municipal golf course greens.
.125" HOC
Tahoma 31
2" HOC

Top Choice For Sports Fields & Golf Courses

Chosen for prestigious stadiums and golf courses, Tahoma 31 is synonymous with excellence and performance. Its beauty and durability make it the preferred choice for top-tier sports venues.


Used in High-Profile Sports Venues & Golf Courses

  • Used in many professional arenas sports teams including: Philadelphia Eagles, LA Galaxy, LA Dodgers, 

  • Used in many professional golf courses including: The Club at Ravenna, Liberty National Golf Course, Congressional Country Club

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Legacy Turf Farms is the only certified grower of Tahoma 31 in Georgia. Our sod farm is located just a short distance away in Cartersville! If you are a contractor  looking to take your projects to the next level or are interest in bringing Tahoma 31 to your golf course, contact us! We offer the best Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass sod on the market. Contact us today and find out why we are so highly rated.

Very knowledgeable and nice. Have purchased 2 pallets of sod for 5 straight weekends and cannot be happier with my new lawn. Will be starting on the... read more

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July 22, 2022

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