The Benefits of Landscaping and Lawnscaping

A healthy green lawn can do more than just give you a sense of pride. Well-maintained lawns and landscaping can actually have a lot of other benefits, too. These benefits include cleaning the air, reducing temperatures around your home, preventing erosion, and more. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of lawnscaping and landscaping.

The Benefits of Grass Lawns

Grass Lawns Can Cool the Air

Grass lawns can play an important role in reducing air temperatures. This is accomplished through a process known as evapotranspiration. While it’s a mouthful, it just means the process of water evaporating off of plants. Just like sweat cools our bodies down, evapotranspiration keeps plants cool. When paired with trees and shrubs, lawns can bring temperatures down from 7 to 14 degrees. 

Grass lawns also provide a more welcoming place for summer recreation. They’re cooler and softer than both concrete and asphalt. Plus, their cushioning effect may reduce the potential for injuries.


Turf Grasses Benefit Air Quality

Green plants, including turf grasses, reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. At the same time, they release oxygen. One estimate suggests that a healthy 25-square-foot lawn can produce enough oxygen for an adult person, per day. 

Healthy lawns can also contribute to better air quality by trapping dirt, dust, and other particles. Turf lawns completely cover a soil surface, preventing dirt and soil from being blown around and carried on the wind. 


Turf Grasses Can Also Benefit Water Quality

When grass lawns are well established, they make it easier for water to penetrate into the soil. The root systems provide easy-to-travel pathways for water to flow down. This is particularly important for dryer regions that rely on the water table and aquifers for their water sources. Groundwater needs to recharge, and well-rooted lawns can help with this process. Cool season grasses also have dense roots that can remove pollutants from the water as it sinks into the ground.

Lawns also help slow down and filter runoff water. Fast-moving water can carry a lot of sediment and soil, but lawns can act as an effective trap. Finally, the root systems can battle erosion which helps prevent soil and sediment from being swept up in runoff water in the first place.


Turf Grasses Can Even Benefit Soil Quality

During the annual growth cycle, grass sheds leaves, stems, and roots. This process adds a large amount of organic matter back into the soil over time. That organic matter contributes in turn to healthier, thicker, and more vigorously growing lawns.

This organic material creates a healthier, thicker, and more vigorous lawn by improving soil structure. It does this by promoting:

– Deeper rooting, which allows grasses better access to water and nutrients

– Improved aeration and microbial activity

– & Better water infiltration overall.



The Benefits of Landscaping

Improved Curb Appeal

Landscaping isn’t just about your flowerbeds. Shrubbery, trees, grass, accents, and grass all matter, too! Your lawn is an important element of landscaping. A yellow or dying lawn will have a negative impact on your curb appeal. Having a healthy green lawn will tie together all the rest of your landscaping elements. The better your landscaping looks, the better you feel as a homeowner! Your neighbors may even thank you for keeping the neighborhood’s curb appeal up, too.

Higher Home Values

If you’re considering selling your home, your landscaping matters in a big way. Unsightly landscaping can lower the value of your property. The opposite is true, too. It’s estimated that expertly maintained landscaping can increase your property’s value by up to 10%! Don’t leave that money on the table — invest in proper landscaping and it’ll pay for itself down the line.

Feeling Happier at Home

There’s no two ways about it, coming home to a well-landscaped lawn is just plain satisfying. You can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable yard every day and even share it with your friends or family. Entertaining company outdoors is always a great way to spend your time, and that reason alone makes it well worth putting effort into your yard.



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