Soil Testing

I’ve planted bermuda seed 3 times in my yard. It never did take. The old established bermuda is thin, and not growing or thickening, and the new bermuda seed doesn’t ever take.  I wonder what is wrong?

This was my husband’s complaint for years. We’ve been in the house 7 years now, but the bermuda in the yard is probably original to the house, circa 1963.  I would guess it is common bermuda, not Tifway, because the slabs I’ve laid down to test look so much better. In any case, if this story sounds familiar, I may have a suggestion for you.

Soil testing is a cheap and effective way to see if there is something you are missing. If you’ve fertilized, watered, and done all the right things, what could it be?  Take a soil by following the directions in this link.

The results will guide you through exactly what to do to get your soil in better shape for the season.

I have found this to be a very helpful link, as well.  It’s FAQs from the UGA extension office. Lots of great Turf help.

And as always, you can give us a call in the office if you have any questions at 770-607-0491.