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Introducing Legacy Turf Farms, the premier destination for top-notch sod in Peachtree Corners, GA. Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional sod for both residential and commercial clients across the region.

Legacy Turf Farms recognizes the value of a vibrant, flourishing lawn. For this reason, we provide a wide array of superior sod varieties. Our sod is cultivated at our local Cartersville farms and brought directly to your doorstep. Our offerings include Geo Zoysia, Empire Zoysia, Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass, and Bermuda Tifway 419.

Ideal for homeowners seeking to revitalize a lackluster, uneven lawn into a verdant oasis, our sod is also perfect for landscapers and businesses aiming to enhance their outdoor environments in Peachtree Corners. We take pride in delivering only the highest quality sod in superb condition.

Ordering sod online is a breeze with us. Simply choose your preferred sod type, input your location, and proceed to checkout. We'll handle the rest by delivering your order straight to your Peachtree Corners home or business.

Legacy Turf Farms has the sod solutions to beautify your outdoor area. We consistently supply fresh sod and are committed to offering our clients exceptional service. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our sod options and place your order.

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Currently Available Sod Types


Empire Zoysia

Legacy Turf Farms presents top-tier Empire Zoysia sod for purchase in Peachtree Corners, GA. Our Empire Zoysia is a warm-season grass variety renowned for its ability to thrive and maintain its lush green hue even in Georgia's sweltering heat. Furthermore, it boasts resistance to diseases, drought, and insects, making it one of the most hardy grass types on the market. Empire Zoysia is an excellent choice for sun-soaked areas, and its thick turf offers a plush, luxurious sensation underfoot. With its rich green color and velvety texture, Empire Zoysia is guaranteed to elevate the aesthetics of any landscape. Our sod comes in handy roll sizes, ensuring swift and effortless coverage for your needs. Whether you aim to revitalize your lawn or replace a withered patch of grass, Legacy Turf Farms has you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Empire Zoysia sod and how it can transform your outdoor area's appearance and ambiance.

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Geo Zoysia

Legacy Turf Farms, serving Peachtree Corners, GA, provides Geo Zoysia sod for all your landscaping requirements. Geo Zoysia sod is a hassle-free turfgrass known for its excellent drought and heat tolerance. Its resistance to insects and diseases makes it a versatile choice for various climates and soil conditions. The sod boasts a dense, verdant, and attractive appearance, adding a natural charm to any landscape. Geo Zoysia sod is not only simple to install, but it's also well-suited for both residential and commercial use. Legacy Turf Farms presents Geo Zoysia sod at competitive rates, and their experienced team is ready to address any inquiries about the installation procedure. Upgrade your landscape with Geo Zoysia sod from Legacy Turf Farms in Peachtree Corners, GA today.

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Bermuda Tifway 419

Legacy Turf Farms, serving Peachtree Corners, GA, presents Bermuda Tifway 419 sod for purchase. This exceptional turfgrass is engineered to endure heavy foot traffic while demanding minimal upkeep. Bermuda Tifway 419 grass delivers a stunning, dense, deep green lawn, making it an ideal choice for any yard or golf course. Its drought tolerance and resistance to pests and diseases make it an excellent option for both homeowners and professional landscapers. With its outstanding performance, Bermuda Tifway 419 grass guarantees a visually appealing lawn that will stand the test of time. Stop by Legacy Turf Farms in Peachtree Corners, GA to discover more about this remarkable sod and to buy your Bermuda Tifway 419 grass today.

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Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass

Legacy Turf Farms, serving Peachtree Corners, GA, provides the finest quality Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass sod on the market. This sod exhibits exceptional drought tolerance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial landscaping projects. As a low-maintenance grass, it's perfect for high-traffic areas like golf courses, parks, and playgrounds. Additionally, it's an excellent option for homeowners seeking a verdant, low-upkeep lawn. Tahoma 31 boasts a medium to dark green hue and demonstrates remarkable resilience to wear and tear. Furthermore, it's resistant to diseases and fungi and can thrive in various climates. Legacy Turf Farms is committed to helping you establish a gorgeous, robust lawn that endures for years.

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I purchased a half pallet of Geo Zoysia for pickup. This was the second time that I purchased sod from them. I was told it would be ready for pickup... read more

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July 15, 2022

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